stand-by type 600 1200 laThis sophisticated machine rapidly converts continuous board into cartons that perfectly fit your products.  

Packing and closing model
The packing and closing model will be exactly tailored to your specific requirements and product. Stand-By Longpack ( will create the complete design for your packaging, including the development of sides on end and inserts.  

The machine
The machine creases the cardboard and cuts it to any required length. A sophisticated punching-mechanism produces perfect closing flaps at both ends. All you have to do is enter the required number of packings and the required length on the control panel.
This can also be automated with help of a barcode system. The transit set smoothly transports the cut packaging from the endless board converting machine to the folding or packing table. The frequency regulator sees to a high punctuality in determining the length.  

Flexibility in shape and size
The creasing-rolls and punching-moulds can be changed quickly and simply, making it possible to produce different types of cartons with this machine. In the punching mould the required closing models of the sides on end have been mounted. These two closing models can differ from one another.  

Complete packaging line
The machine is of modular design. This means that, by way of several options, this basic machine can be turned into a complete packaging line. By linking the machine to your network and working with a barcode system, you can achieve the optimum integration of the machine into your business structure.

Help on distance
With the built-in modem you are assured of quick and perfect help by the technical staff of Stand-By. That can be useful if you want to add changes in the operation of the machine, or when problems appear with the software. Wherever in the world you are situated, thanks to this modem we can contact the PLC of your machine. If necessary we change data or solve a problem.

This machine converts endless cardboard from 250 mm up to 1200 mm wide. This allows production of unfolded cartons of a maximum of 1200 mm wide. The size of two closing models together can be 600 mm at the maximum (A+B, see drawing).  

stand-by sluitingsmodelTechnical data

  • Size punching-mould 600 mm x 1200 mm
  • Maximum width of board to be converted 1200 mm
  • Weight about 860 kg
  • Size machine H-1700 W-1500 L-2330 mm
  • Supplied voltage* 400 V 50 Hz. 3P+N+
  • Air 7 bar. 150 litres
  • Input 10 amp.

*different supplied voltage available on demand