Standby Magic Box softwareControl your complete production process with the advanced Magic Box® software.  

Magic Box®offers you the possibility to follow and control the complete production and packing process. Less mistakes will be made, like wrong components, wrong adresses or the use of expensive transport. This software is the connection between your computer network, your endless board converting machine and Stand-By, but a connection to - for example -  your deliverers or customers can be made too !  

Service Stand-By
The use of the Magic Box® software assures you of quick and effective support by the technical staff of Stand-By. That can be useful if you want to add changes in the operating of the machine, or when problems appear. Wherever in the World you are situated, thanks to this software we can contact your machine. If necessary we change data or solve a problem.  

Stock control of cardboard
As soon as a pre-determined amout of cardboard is converted by the machine and the stock reaches the so-called critical ordering value, the order will automatically arrive at Stand-By. You do not have to wach the cardboard stock; ther will always be enough or new stock will be delivered in time.  

This system/software is of modular design and can be extended with several options, like a barcode scanner, printers, order-ready message, billing, foam dosering, weighing, etc.