Stand-by kartonbok volumeStandard

Every endless board-converting machine is supplied with a standard board-rack.  A pallet containing up to 1 metre of board is placed on the rack, which is then tilted with the aid of a handle. If you require to work with several board widths, it is useful to have one board-rack per width to quickly change the board stock  

  • Maximum loading weight 270 kg
  • Weight about 100kg   

Raised cardboard rack with tilting mechanism

If you regularly produce large runs of cartons from one board width, a raised board-rack will avoid frequent changes, as you can stack the pallet to a maximum height of 2.4 metres.  Quick and easy tilting: the handle is replaced by an electric tilting mechanism, which will save time and energy.

  • Maximum loading weight 500 kg
  • Weight about 140 kg