stand-by vacuum vouwtafelThe semi-automatic folding table folds the cut and glued packaging for you.
If you pack large quantities every day, this may prove a time and money saving option.  

The folding table
The cut and glued carton is drawn into the folding table with help of a vacuum-system.
All you have to do is put the product in and shut the carton. The folding table consists of linkable sections of 3000 mm or 4500 mm. You can put together your own folding table, up to a maximum length of 9000 mm.  

Advantage with respect to Factories Act
Besides the time saving aspect and the aspect of convenience, this folding table offers another advantage. Using a vacuum folding table, in combination with a gluing unit and possibly a longshutter, will prevent arm and shoulder aches which may arise when folding and taping is done by hand, particularly with large numbers of packagings.  

The vacuum folding table has a standard function of folding a triangular box. A longshutter enables you to use the table for folding rectangular boxes.

stand-by hoogte breedteverstellingSTAND-BY LONGSHUTTER FOR VACUUM FOLDING TABLE

The longshutter is a practical addition to the vacuum folding table, as it provides optimal packing convenience for square and rectangular cartons. The vacuum system of the folding table draws the packing into the table. Your product is then placed into the packaging and the longshutter automatically folds the long sides
of the packing. Only the end flaps now need to be closed to complete the operation.


Height and width adjustments are often used to make the folding table suitable for cartons of varying sizes. With these options you can easily change the width or the height of the vacuumbeam in the folding table. It is operated by a central handwheel.