stand-by lijmunitWith help of the practical gluing unit the closing of the cartons is partially integrated in the packing process.  Taping or using staples is no longer necessary. The gluing unit applies hotmelt glue to both the lengthwise and end flaps so that the complete packing can be shut at once. You only have to fold and close the packaging.    

Hotmelt by Stand-By Longpack


Additional to the normal hotmelt glues, Stand-By Longpack has developed its own hotmelt,  which combines strength with a longer opening-time. This is very convenient when extra packing time is needed for certain products.  

Technical data

  • Size gluing unit - W 310 L 610 H 600
  • Type concept 5 - contents 5 litres
  • Supplied voltage* - 400 V 50 Hz 3P+N+
  • Input - 1.8 Kw 10 Amp.*different supplied voltage available on demand

*different supplied voltage available on demand