stand-by modemOnline support

By way of the built-in modem you will be sure of quick and adequate support by the employees of Stand-By.  This is very convenient if you want to apply changes in the control of the Stand-By machine, or if there are problems with the software controlling your machine.
Wherever in the world you are situated, thanks to the modem we are able to contact the PLC of your machine.  By mutual arrangement we will adjust the data or solve the breakdown.

Automatic ordering

With the Flow-Control option you will have extra advantages:
- You do not have to order cardboard yourself
- You will never run out of cardboard
- You can work with a minimal stock  

As soon as a pre-determined amount of cardboard is converted by the machine and the stock reaches the so-called  critical ordering value, the order will automatically arrive at Stand-By. You do not have to watch the cardboard stock; there will always be enough or new stock will be delivered in time.