stand-by twistThe so-called Twist, developed by Stand-By, consists of a standard vacuum table, a Twist unit and an extension table.  In the vacuum table the cardboard is pre-folded in the right shape and the product can be put in. Then the box goes through the Twist unit where it is folded and glued simultaneously. During the transportation to the extension table the box is extra pressed after which it will be ejected sidewise.

There are different types of the Twist. Depending on your machine and the maximum width of the boxes, we will decide which type suits you best.
Furthermore you can choose of two lengths of table, 3000 mm or 4500 mm.
These tables can be connected mutually to a maximum length of 9000 mm.  

Once your machine has been provided with a Twist you certainly have a very quick packaging unit. Compared to the standard machines, you will have a direct benefit because of the bonding glue and the packing speed of about 1 meter per second. Moreover, the unit produces a perfectly square box, which can be piled up perfectly for transport. 

Advantage with respect to Factories Act
Besides the time saving aspect and the aspect of convenience, the Twist offers another advantage. Using the Twist will prevent arm and shoulder aches which may arise when folding and taping is done by hand, particularly with large numbers of packagings.  


Height- and width adjustments are often used to make the folding table suitable for cartons of varying sizes. You can choose between pneumatic or electric steering.