Manufactured in the Netherlands, this system is designed for companies that produce products that vary in length. From now on, an inventory of hundreds of different boxes of all shapes and lengths belongs to the past. It is a sophisticated machine that rapidly converts a length of corrugated, drawn from a fanfold bale, into cartons that fit all your products perfectly.

How does it work ?
The machine creases the cardboard and cuts it at any desired length. An adjustable cutting mechanism creates the closing lid and the bottom of the box, so that the box can be folded with or without glue. For each product you can adjust (by hand or automatically) the length of the box.
The machine can be linked to your network to establish complete integration and enable the exchange of data.
It can be turned into a complete packaging line by means of several options, including a barcode system, a gluing unit, labelling, weighing, etc.

Productivity and handling
Moreover, this system reduces labor costs by dramatically increasing the amount of packages produced per shift. Material costs are reduced because the cartons produced fit products accurately.

We know that with the introduction of a machine you will need expertise in dealing with the machine itself as well as in the business of packing. We may be of help to you: Stand-By Longpack ( takes care of the complete design for your packaging, inclusive of producing ends and inserts.

Once you know the Art of Packing you will experience the following benefits:

All models are patented.

stand-by type 300 700 la

STAND-BY 300/700 L.A.
250 MM - 700 MM WIDTH

stand-by type_600_1200_la

STAND-BY 600/1200 L.A.
250 MM - 1200 MM WIDTH

stand-by type_650_1600_la

STAND-BY 650/1600 L.A.
650 MM - 1600 MM WIDTH

stand-by rechtsnijder

700 MM - 2500 MM WIDTH

stand-by dual machine

600 MM - 1600 MM WIDTH